Now available and new this year, Members can purchase a limited edition 30th Anniversary kit.  The anniversary kit  simplistic in design yet eye catching.  Kit is available to current members and can be purchased as separate items.  As with the standard kit Mens and Women sizes are offered.

Ride Leader Incentive Program



The purpose is to encourage club members to ride more frequently and to share their riding experiences with others.  The idea is to provide rewards to those who take the time and energy to map out and lead rides for the enjoyment of other members & guest.

Program Outline

For each ride led, the ride leader will receive one (1) credit, co-ride leader/sweep rider will receive a half (½) credit. Two (½) credits equal one (1) whole credit. Once accumulated, the credits can be redeemed for the following rewards.

Five- qualifying  rides led equals (5) credits and entitle that person to a Road ID bracelet.
(Two Road ID bracelet styles are available with the $22 Road ID gift certificate you receive)

Ten- qualifying rides led equals (10) credits and entitle that person to a $35 gift certificate at Keswick Cycle.

Twenty- qualifying  rides led equals (20) credits and entitle that person to a BBCC jersey, a BBCC ride leaders Jersey or BBCC shorts.

There is no overlap of credits, each reward is separate.  Once a reward is chosen you start over.  Any ride leader can receive all rewards but must accumulate a total of thirty five (35) points to do so.

Credits carry over from year to year as long as membership is retained. (If membership lapse is greater than 30 days, credits are forfeited). If membership is re-established after a 30 day lapse, credits are not re-awarded and accumulation starts at zero (0).

Qualifications for Rewards

  • Must be a member in good standing to receive credits as well as to redeem credits.
  • Must attend ride leaders meeting and sign ride leaders agreement
  • Must abide by the ride leaders agreement
  • Must turn in signed Ride Release form

Qualifying Rides

  • Any club ride that is on the ride calendar or has been approved by the Ride Coordinator
  • Ride must be 20 miles or longer with a minimum of five (5) participants (not including the ride leader)
  • Co-ride leader/sweep rider only qualifies for ½ credit when there are a minimum of ten participants
  • Any club ride that meets the above criteria and the signed Ride Release form is properly documented and turned in

Non-Qualifying Rides

  • Event rides and their activities do not qualify (i.e. Seagull warm-up/cool down rides)
  • Training rides less than (20) miles do not qualify 





 The 31th Annual Seagull Century Ride will take place Saturday October 5th, at Salisbury University in Salisbury MD. The on-line registration begins May 15th, 2019 at noon.  Brochures and rider packets for the ride will be mailed after you register.  You can check the website for registration forms and pictures from last years event. Go to: To be added to the Seagull Century mailing list contact: seagull@salisbury.edw


Until Then……

"Ride Safe, Ride Bright"


Kenneth Louis - Event Ride Coordinator 

o reserve rooms at the Paradise Plaza Inn please observe the following


  • All room reservation requests must be made by an individual staying in the room.
  • All reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.
  • In order to secure a reservation.  A deposit for the first night must be made directly to the Paradise Plaza Inn.
  • The deadline for requesting a room reservation is September 10, 2019. If you wait until this date, you most likely will not get a room or pay a higher rate.
  • Any blocked room that has not been secured with a deposit will no longer be blocked as of September 10th.
  • After you have registered, email me so I can track the number of remaining rooms.                    

Hotel Location is:

Paradise Plaza Inn (Oceanfront)
9th St. & Boardwalk
Ocean City, MD 21842

Kathy Reardon 1-410-289-6381


5 Partial View rooms Thurs $66.00 - Fri & Sat $122.00 per night + 10.5% tax

5 Ocean Front rooms Thurs $71.00 -
Fri & Sat $127.00 per night + 10.5% tax

One parking pass per room




If any member has taken or plans to take pictures of our members on any rides or at any events in which the Bikinblazers are participating, I am requesting that you be so kind as to send a copy to me (  I would like to put together an online photo album showing who we are and how we roll.  And this can only be done with your help.  Please provide the name of the event and the date with the pictures.  I thank you in advance for your cooperation in this effort.  


Alternative Rides

The Event Ride is the club ride for that day however an alternate ride can be placed on the calendar for those not attending the event ride.  Any RIDE LEADER has the ability to plan a local ride for anyone not attending an Event Ride.  Forward your ride information to the Ride Coordinator and it will be posted on the ride calendar.   


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